Skagen and Tolne (in Denmark) 2004

It was a quite windy on the ferry/ship from Moss (Norway)
to the Skaw ("Skagen" in Denmark)…

… and we were actually a little bit scared because of the
stormy weather and the big waves…

Denmark – here we come!

Skagen Harbour

… some drives like pigs…

Anne’s foremost wish has always been to ride a chopper…
She has never mentioned in which size…
Maybe her dream came true at last.......or?

"Tolne Skovpavillion" – the place where the party was held.

We went to Denmarks famous place Løkken on Saturday.
Here we took a ride on Løkkens widely known beach ;-)

After climbing up the Skaw Lighthouse’ 210 steps (phuuuu…), we had a breath-taking view!
In the background of the picture you can see "Grenen", which is the northern point in Denmark.
That's where the North Sea and the Cattegat meet.