Lady Bikers Housewarming 2011

Reportasje i Harley News

Reportasje i ScanBike

Meeting at the clubhuose before the party,
where we actually got 5 new Pre Ladies (our kond of prospects).

Popping the champagne to celebrate out newcomers

How to drink from an unopened bottle...

Trimming the patces...

... and planning the last details for the party

Fitting the patches....

..and finally sewing them on!!

Final result

Final result

And then we had a great party

Placing the banner - with the high heels on....

Two early guests

Good friends

We got gifts as well...

... and among them, some fun puns too :-)

Helpful men :-)

Plenty of guests

Having a...

...great time


The Headbangers

DJ Jan Erik

Jon and Anne