Our 20'th Anniversary

The Invitation poster

Our Birthday Cake

Preparations before the Party

Ola "the Chef"

Preparing information posters

Ladies Bathroom

Gunn preparing her stand

Coffee and talking

Mending a dress for the evening


Drinking to Friendship

Ready to welcome the guests

Excited for the weekends happenings :-)

Anniversary Cake

Several Musicians on Stage

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools

Smiley and Ship of Fools

Smiley and Elvis

Smiley and Elvis

Miri and Lucky

Miri and Lucky

And we also got a lot of Gifts

Such a pretty 3-piece

Collection of gifts

Ola smiling - he knows what's inside...

We had to open it collectively at midnight...

Struggling to get the flowers off - and ONLY the flowers....

...several are trying

And guess what the flowers were hiding :-)

Have to start excercising now, haha ;-)

Snapshots from the Party