Trip to Lofoten 2007

The Dream Team, Ellen and Anne :-)

The first stop for this trip was at Hell could have been our last stop...

The first ferry-trip up to Brønnøysund.

Torghatten here we come!

Approximately 12 degrees...brrr.. almost ice on the water!!

..then another ferry...all together 7 ferries from Brønnøysund up to Bodø/Saltstraumen, which were the goal for the evening.

We just missed the ferry, and had to wait 1 hour til the next. But who cares as long as the weather is like this!!

The photo speaks for it self!

At two o'clock PM we reached Saltstraumen, which is one of the worlds stronges malstreams. It was just on it's way in, so it was on it's strongest when we arrived! The midnightsun were shining, all in all a very special sight.

Breakfast in bed...almost...

After a looooong trip from Bodø to Andøya/Andenes, we really deserved an ice-cold beer!!

..and after a well-deserved shower, we actually deserved another beer...!

...phuuuu...we managed to climb up to the top of Torghatten!

After spending some hours on a ship, we saw 3 different whales.

Lovely weather all day long! And we really know how to relax!

..a small walk around the small town Andenes

The Bed&Breakfast at Andenes, where we stayed two days

On our way south from Andøya to Lofoten, we stopped and visited our club-member Astrid, who lives in Sortland.

Somewhere in Lofoten...we just needed a rest...

...and some needed a bath!! This beach exists actually in Lofoten, close to Leknes!! Amazing!

Eventhough the temparature where close to freezing-point, some where brave...(or maybe stupid), and had a swim!...and the hangover from yesterday disappeared fast as h....

We'll be back some day!

In Leknes we rented a small cottage. After persuading Ellen to go out for some beers, we put on some makeup and got ready for an evening in Leknes city :o)town...

Who is eating who??

The place we stayed at Å.

What a view!

A small walk in Å. Next stop is Værøy and Røst... But since neither Anders, Ellen nor me have the skills of walking on water, we just had to stop here...

Spectacular scenery!

We didn't manage to kill a whale, but cod is also a tasteful fish...

...buhuuu...leaving Lofoten after 8 days with spectacular weather, viewes and sceneries!

Polarsirkelsenteret at Saltfjellet

Meeting another club-member at Mo i Rana

Early morning at Andøya/Andenes