Travelling the Legendary Route 66, USA
September - October 2010

By the river

Fun road :-)

Anne trying to feed a scared/angry turtle :-)

A desolated house along the way

Nice rest :-)

Socializing with the locals

More locals...

At Joe's Taverna

.. and one more :-)

This guy really had a lot of nick nack :-)))

A Proud Norwegain :-)

Anne's got The Jack ;-)

Finally a Water hole...

Nice little Gas Station

Music at the table

Car Graveyard

Anne tagging one of the cars with "Lady Bikers" :-)

At the Midpoint of Route 66

Midpiont again

It is kinda desolated some places along the route

... riding into the sunset in West ...

One of the Motels we stayed at

John Wayne's room

Nice shapes...

Comment Unneccessary... ;-)

Visiting the Petrified Forest

Funny how nature makes its shapes...

A landscape quite unlike Norway

The Museum Club

The Grand Canyon

More Grand Canyon...

... and even one more...

It's a narrow trail to walk...

... we hired muels..

Getting a tan... ;-)

Quite a valley....

Muels in the Street

Mmmm... A barrell of whiskey..... ;-)

Anne in the Desert. Several graves behind her, if you can get a glipmse of all the crosses down the hill behind her

A nice old car...

The Hoover Dam. Building it back in the 1930's (1931-1936),
they poured concrete 24/7 for four years...

Cool Cafe

Reaching The Pacific Ocean :-))))


Nice Sunset. And half a Globe of water ahead....

Visiting the Hard Rock Cafe :-)

"End of Trail" in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Beach