Rally Nordvest 2009

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At the top of Trollstigen. A great View :-) Ina, Eva, Ellen and Anne

Welcome to Rally NordVest


Just Arrived

Our camp 5 meter from the beach. Next year we plan to arrive a bit earlier and get a place AT the beach

Before the volleyball match. Audience is gathering beside the battlefield.

LadyBiker's first team is warming up before the real game.
(3 is giving it all and one is having a chat at the sideline hehe).

So we had to be audience for a while.
Look at the person in middle :-)

Then the LadyBikers second team got a chance, it was really close.
Even if we didn't win , nobody can say we didn't try!

Eva on Gunnars bike, Ina found a friend she had not seen for a while :-)

Gunnars bike was a popular bike :-)

If you think they have fun here - look at the next picture :-)


After the band (Ebenholt Slappers) was finished, Gunnar from Jotunhaus MC and others gave us a really good time.

Jan BÝrge from Gange Rolv MC is playing Harmonica.

Ole Reidar from Fenris MC on drums.

A member of Ebenholt Slappers.

.. We just had to dance

...and some just HAD to swim.
Anne was constantly swimming. Somebody thought she was a Swan - and they were really surprised when "The Swan" came UP from the water.

John is having a hard job emptying his mattress for air,
and somebody is having a good laugh because Anne suddenly removed
the top layer of the tent and Ellen was still in there..