SUPER RALLY 2004, Ljungbyhed, Sweden
We were 5 of us going to Super Rally in Sweden:
Gunn, Ellen, Linda, Anne and Bodil
We met in Uddevalla to travel together from there.

Bodil and Jan Erik's home in Uddevalla

A view of Uddevalla's beautiful bridge

As any respectable club on tour we had a car to carry all our luggage! In fact we needed it because we had a pregnant woman among us. ( Bodil with a little help from Jan Erik ) . It is an American Oldsmobile which used app. 1 ltr oil per 100 km.. But Cool :-)

The road from Uddevalla to Ljungbyhed was not so very exiting- but fun to drive anyway. Especially when it was a LOT of other bikers on the road, too

It looks like it is very funny to drive a car, too :-)

Our camp! It may look like we are pretty alone - but:

There were a lot of other tents, people and bikes, too. (About 17000).

Moving can be done very easily when you live in a tent!

After we had set up the tents we had to do some important things before starting the party:
1. Makeup

2. Food

Bodil was the one that made sure we had enough to eat. Practising to be a mum :-)

To be very comfortable we brought the chairs wherever we went. A very good Camp trick

Along the way we met some people we knew from before; Hydra MC Norway

..And some vikings we had never met before

In Party Mood

In Party Mood 2

Bodil had a seat at the first bench at the concert.

SLADE ( UK) Run, run away / My oh my and so on


Linda is really enjoing the concert!

Next day - 5 minutes before closure of breakfast. Gunn can feel that she has been at a GREAT Party.

A classic RAT BIKE

A lady in front


To make sure everyone could hear some music - it was a couple of "Rolling bands" rolling around with the instruments on bikes - off course


Cool Shoes!

The man on top of the cool shoes was so nice to "rent" his body to Anne and Linda - they did not have any chair.. That's a real genteman!

At sunday everyone managed to eat breakfast together.

Nice weater, Nice people

If you are freezing and can not find anyone to keep you warm..