Vestlandet Denmark 2000

The trip started in Oslo, continued to our clubhouse in Trondheim via Gudbrandsdalen. Further via Vestlandet to Denmark and home!

After driving from Kristiansund to Molde in rain, we arrived in Ålesund in a sunny weather. Here is a picture from "the View" in Ålesund, on a nice visit to "Banished Freaks"

Then we drove to the top of Trollstigen (in rain)!

Summer in Norway!!

Rain, rain and more rain! We have arrived Geiranger...

Further over the mountain of "Stryn", very cold! We have just had a nice warm shower, pizza and a beer.

On the road up "Oldendalen" with "Briksdalsbreen" in the background

After a long hard trip we are finally at the Iceberg. (Called "Bre" in Norwegian).

"Jostedalsbreen" was droven by in a great sunshine. Coffeebreak at Riverside MC.

Summer in Norway 2

Summer in Norway 3

Camping on the top of the mountain, ( the day after!) Little did we know of all these stones when we arrived in the dark of the night.

"LadyBikers in the Sky" (with diamonds)

Anne is enjoying the sight of Aurland

In Undredal by Flom ...we met family and friens everywhere!

..the map is our most used tool, after..

Stop at Låtefoss

On our way to Hardanger. Clutsch problems, Anne?

Eating healthy food

Setersdalen was a great place but we were happy when reaching Kristiansand (at 23.00)

Nice Parkingplace...

.. we did Hirtshals - Korsør on "no time", finally partytime

Gift to Klaus

Suki's Place

Good to be norwegian in Denmark

Sunset over Korsør bridge

LadyBikers definition of "housework"

..not possible to translate..

On Ærø we could have picked up some great guys..

Typical Danish house

Anne at museum

In the strong sidewind some parts were torn off..

No trip to Denmarkwithout a pickture of a ...!

Hjemsted = Home


In Esbjerg we fond men big enough for the both of us..

Down in Daugbjerg mine.

"60 meters under" among blood-thursty bats!

Spøttrup castle 1

Spøttrup castle 2

Spøttrup castle 3

Last night in Hjørring. Jippi, some happy norwegians!

Breaking in at the hotel...

The door was locked..