Lady Bikers is a club for female bikers. The club was founded i Trondheim in the fall of 1992. We all drive Harley Davidson MC's. Over the years members and pre-ladies (our kind of prospect) have come and gone. Others have been with the club since the early years. Today we are ten members. We don't have any pre-ladies at the moment.


We have had several clubhouses or "homes" over the years. The first clubhouse we had was in Ulstadløkkvegen at Lade . Here we stayed up until spring 2001. We moved out, because the owner was going to renovate the building.

In 2003 we were lucky to find a place down in Reina at Dora. Here we got one empty storage-room with bare concrete, so several hours of work was needed to fix it up to fit our needs. We stayed here until 2008, when the new owners took over and were going to spend our (among others) area for other purposes.

At springtime 2010 we got a nice offer from another bikerclub in Trondheim to move in to our current "home" at Selsbakk, Trondheim. They had found someplace else and were going to move there, and since they knew we were on the search for a new place, they nicely enough contacted us and wondered if we wanted to take over their current clubhouse. And so we did :-)