Support Gear

All items are available at the Clubhouse or by request (see at the bottom of this page).
In case of shipping: Customer pays for all items and shipping in advance.

20'th Anniversary Coffe Mug (Limited Edition).
Holds 23 cl.
NOK 80,-

Ladies T-shirt.
Available in sizes S, M, L and XL
NOK 180,-

Mens T-shirt.
Available in sizes M. L and XL
NOK 180,-


Here you are welcome to send us a request for Lady Bikers Support Gear.

Just fill in the form below with the desired numbers of available items and hit "send request".
This will produce an email from you to us for further communication.

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Ladies T-shirt - Small
Ladies T-shirt - Medium
Ladies T-shirt - Large
Ladies T-shirt - X-Large
Mens T-shirt - Medium
Mens T-shirt - Large
Mens T-shirt - X-Large
20'th Anniversary Coffee Mug (holds 23 cl)

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Thanks for supporting us!
We really appreciate it :-)